A Magic Mirror – 3D Virtual Fitting Room

I could say that no one would ever buy clothes.

What is it an online shopping? You must already have done online shopping before and you may get either positive or negative feeling when your order arrived in front of your house.

The main problem, which is faced by most cloth buyers, is “will it fit beautifully?” Is that also your case?

But you know, not only you are annoyed when they arrive and do not fit you well on your body,  So is a cloth seller, when their customers want to change or even worse to refund.

So what is a good marketer mean?

For me, they should know their shopper’s preference and need in order to create an effective marketing tool. And YES, they can answer this question now.


Figure 1 : triMirror

With advancement of digital world, the marketers now can find simple solution and make customers happy by eliminating the hassles leading to higher sales volume for the sellers.

The new Augmented Reality Virtual Fitting Room enhances the experience in shopping for the customers. People can enjoy shopping via online without worrying from any mistake in sizes. This virtual fitting room can also give the shoppers the opportunities to capture and share a photo in real time with their friends.

Video 1 : Virtual fitting room by Fitting Reality

Benefit for shopper

With the technology innovation in these day, the shoppers can virtually try on various style of clothing. It gives a feeling of comfort and confidence to the shopper as they can preview a product without getting undressed.

Benefit for retailer

As a result, the sellers are able to give convenience and less time consuming to customers. Higher sales volume and brand royalty can be expected. With the brand royalty is established, the retailers can boost customers’ spending on their purchases resulting in increase of retailers’ sales.

However, it does not seem to be easy like that. As the technology is changing too fast so the marketer should follow the trend and always adapt the system to be more effective. These technologies are affected directly to those marketer in the fashion industry. As they give a feeling of comfort to a retailer, so do the shoppers, therefore the marketers of same industry may invest and bring in or even invest in more advanced devices, the market will become highly competitive. The marketers need to be on alert for new technology.

What about you?

Do you see the benefit if you are able to use this augmented reality virtual fitting room?

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How blogging give an opportunity to me

Why Blog? card with a beach on background

Figure 1: Why Blog?

Let’s start with the definition. Blog is a place where a blogger can express their individual thought to the digital world.

Many bloggers around the world have started their own blog to share many ideas, knowledges, and experiences. However, there are various topic but the main purpose of writing are not too much different.

The main purpose of blogging are to exchange ideas in order to inspire people, to promote brand awareness in order to increase sales, to create a relationship with people from other countries, and etc. 

Social Media Connecting Blog Communication Content Concept

Figure 2: Begin blogging

And now, my experience in writing a first blog has begun. 

I have started to write a blog as a part of my assignment of MSc Digital Marketing in the modules of Marketing in the 21st Century. 

The first time I heard that I have to create a blog, my head turned blank what a blog look  like… was it the same as a diary? A diary that people write about their dairy lives.

Sound easy?

YES, many people may think like this

but for me, NO

I felt a little bit nervous because I do not like to write a diary. I had an experience in writing a diary before and gave up immediately within one weeks. 

As a result, it is an assignment so I have to face with it. I searched many details and looked for the example of other’s blogger format. Then I came up with my first post about food by using www.wordpress.com as a domain of my blog in this digital world because it is free.

I could say that writing blog is really boring and tiring but worths doing so!!

While blogging, I can get a better thought as I have to consider what I want to blog. Reading a lot of articles, news, and journals to find a meaningful and interesting topic are providing me more knowledge. By doing this, it gives me the opportunity to develop my analytical skill, writing skill, and reading skill. Next, creating my own words to share other people as well as reading other’s blog or comments can also practice my English language. These are the benefits I got from blogging which I think it is very valuable for me in the future. For example, in the business field, a good image of myself making me more interesting  for the others who like to share with me their information.

Blogging is some kinds of activity that we cannot find in the classroom but we have to create and grab it by ourselves in order to get a real benefit from it.

What is the benefit and drawback you get from blogging? Please, share your thought.

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MOOC have no barriers to learning, is it true?

Have you ever tried traveling to other places?

If there are some courses you want to join but you are facing with obstacle in distance and time, how do you do?

A technology advancements are providing us a feeling of comfort. We can search many things from our electronic device quickly if there is an internet connection.

But unfortunately, sometimes we are flooded with datas available so we have to weight each data carefully making sure it is trust worthing.

Would it be better for us if we could save time and money to learn many new experiences on a new platforms named MOOC 


Figure 1: Feel a Comfortable

MOOC is a new technical education system via online platforms that we can access a course anytime and anywhere.

Is it sound comfortable if we can have a cup of coffee while studying at our own place?


Figure 2: Benefit and Drawback

However, it is undeniable that everything has two sides.

From my experiences on BENEFIT of MOOC, it gives an opportunity to everyone since there is unlimited on a number of users. People who want to increase their abilities and skills can enroll any courses for free.

Furthermore, there is a video with English subtitles which is very useful for non-native speakers. It is also quite easier to listen to the video instead of reading many texts.

Apart from that, the content of each topic can be discussed among learners no matter where they are or what do they do. People around the world have a different views, some agree with the content but some does not. At this point I can get more knowledges and more informations from their experiences as well as improve my analytical skill.

On the other hand, I have found that MOOC also has some DRAWBACKS. We can short minded in our learning scope as we will rely too much on information from others instead of conducting a deep research ourself.

Moreover, the comment box can only be filled with texts and links. It will be more interesting if we can share photos and videos directly there.

Additionally, the difference of culture and religion among each country may lead to a disagreement in the discussion. For example, if you are an Asian people and take the online course of law or economic from the  University in European country, you will find a content of the course totally different from where you live.

Lastly, as this is an online course so I have to put high self motivation to study and complete all of them which is sometimes very bored.

Do you think MOOC give you more benefits or drawbacks? Please, share your thought.

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Social Media Zombie – Let’s Phone Eat First, Can Help A Marketer?


Figure 1: Nomophobia

When you touch your electronic device, is social media the first thing you are looking for?

The answer is YES as this is truly a social media era.

“Social media is one of the most important platform in digital marketing that the world has ever seen. It is not a magic bean that grow overnight into a business success but it is a form of real communication and interaction” (Copyblogger Media, No date). On the other hand, social media could also become a disease as most of people are ADDICTED to it.


Figure 2: Forming a business

From this day and age, there are a lot of people using social media to entertain oneself as well as forming a small business. Selling and promoting product through the social media is very easy and cheap which through to the process of gaining much more attention from an audience.

Some marketers hire a person who has many followers to promote the product on their own social media. By doing this, they can exactly increase more sales in a very short time.


Figure 3: Let’s Phone Eat First

Turning to the other side, not a marketer. What about people who like to check in a place they go, upload a photo of foods, places, and restaurants through social media.

“Do they like to share their happy time or do they like to help promoting the products without being paid”

I know that people uploads photos without thinking that they are helping a marketer.

I will take FACEBOOK as an example. Whenever we upload a photo on our facebook’s page, it is automatically pop up in the new feed of our’s facebook friends. Moreover, when people click “LIKE” or “SHARE” any content or photo that is pop up in their facebook’s page, it will eventually appear on the news feeds of their friends and the content will spread more and more faster on a social media’s page if other people click like and shares again.

Do you realize that, through the use of modern social media electronic devices, you are helping to promote products or services without being paid for.

For me, I could say that I involved in helping them to promote their product a lot. 

Does it mean we all can be a digital marketer?

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Innovation Change The World

When I say the word TECHNOLOGY, what kinds of things do you think of?

Is it a high technology like smart phone, computer?

At present, people are depending more on technology in their daily life.

We cannot deny a feeling of comfort that technologies have given.

What about the technology in the past. What kind of technology that people use in order to give them convenience?

… Have you even been doubtful where do all these technologies originated from?

Before stepping into a globalization; the world on the internet. Let’s me introduce some technologies that people use in the past or the beginning of the technology that we use today.

backdrop ย่อส่วน

Figure 1: Innovation change the world

This is a designed backdrop of invention timeline that I made last year at Assumption University, Thailand.

“The backdrop explores an important man-made technologies ranging from date of invention, early B.C. (Before Christ) to A.D. (Anno Domini). The invention timeline are arranged from the past, fire (50,000 B.C.) to present, Aeromobil (2015 A.D.)” (Coolman, 2014).

According to the figure 1, in the past; an ancient people builded things up in case of its usefulness such as fire, cave painting, paper, and mechanical clock.

But when the time passed, the technologies from a man-made become more complexed. Humans started to create a telephone, electric light bulb, and some vehicle for example hot air balloon, steam engine, and motor car.

Until now, people have been creating more and more technologies that become an important role in the business sector. For example, a hard disk to save many information, a smartphone that has a lot of applications, a robot that can perform like a human, a car driven by self-driving technology or even a car that can fly.

                                          Technology in the hands

Figure 2 : 20 Surprising Technology Facts

Even though the modern technology and the past technology have been created with different complexity, but the factors that we create these things up do not differ at all. The desire for comfort and convenience in life are main leading push for more and more advanced technologies.

In a present business world today, no matter what  size of business, new technologies pay very important part in the way of doing business. Digital marketing has become the main important marketing strategy.  It helps to create and build awareness of a company, product and service through the use of available digital channels such as “internet marketing and non-internet digital channels” (Chris, No date).

Last but not least!!

If you have some more time, I would like to invite you to watch this YouTube Video. It’s a funny stories about innovation that I and my friend created together in the I-GEN navigation innovation event.

YouTube Video 1 : I-GEN Promotional VDO

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Homemade Sandwich Pizza

okHave you ever eaten a pizza? I mean a pizza that is full of many sauces, toppings and cheese. A pizza,that you really want to have a good bite.

Since I came to Southampton, I spent most of my free time in the supermarket, finding some material to cook. When I go back home from the supermarket, there is always a frozen pizza with me.

Although, I enjoy eating a pizza, I still find my favorite topping containing some ingredient which I dislike. So I decide to make a homemade sandwich pizza which I can add everything I like as much as I want.

Homemade Sandwich Pizza Recipe (Mushroom, Ham and Sausage)

  • Total Time: 35 min
  • Yield: 6 sandwich pizzas
  • Preparation time: 15 minutes
  • Cook time: 20 minutes

S__13139992 copy


  • 6 Slides of bread
  • 1/2 ounces pizza sauce
  • 1/2 teaspoon fresh herbs such as oregano, basil (optional)
  • Topping such as pepperoni, mushrooms, ham and sausage (optional)
  • A combination of 2 slice cheeses such as mozzarella and cheddar (optional)



  • Prepare an oven: just pre-heat to its hottest setting.
  • Get some bread. You can use any kind of bread.
  • Spread tomato sauce over the bread. Do not over fill too much tomato sauce if the bread is not thick enough.
  • Sprinkle some herbs on top of the pizza.
  • Place your favorite kind of topping and cheese on your creation as much as you want.
  • Slide it into the oven at 200°C for 15-20 minutes or leave it until the cheese is melted. (Keep an eye on the bread, beware the burnt bread)
  • When it is ready, remove a pizza out of the heat and cut it.
  • Let’s enjoy!!